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The Used Books Sale is scheduled for April 14th, and may last throughout that week depending on the amount of books left to sell. ALL proceeds will benefit local food pantries. Stop by the Main Office to browse through many different genres and authors.

On Sunday, March 2, 2014, the Lisbon Community Federal Credit Union will be holding its 55th Annual Meeting in the Lisbon Community School gymnasium at 2:00 PM.

Our fundraisers consisted of employee dress down days, candy bar sales, two bake sales, a grill raffle, a car wash, and a TV raffle. With these efforts, we have raised $4,400, all of which will benefit local food pantries.


Loans Rate APR*
Vehicle Loans - 5 Yrs*** 3.500% 3.500%
Vehicle Loans - 6 Yrs**** 3.500% 3.500%
First Mortgage - 15 Yrs 3.375% 3.498%
First Mortgage - 30 Yrs 4.375% 4.450%
Personal Loan - Up to 7 Yrs 6.990% 6.990%
Certificates Rate APY**
6 Month Certificate 0.30% 0.300%
1 Year Certificate 0.45% 0.451%
3 Year Certificate 1.00% 1.005%
 * Annual Percentate Rate
** Annual Percentage Yield
*** 2010-2014 Model Years
**** 2012-2014 Model Years

Blog: Field Work

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