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Coindexter: Financial Literacy for Kids!

The Lisbon Community Federal Credit Union has recently enrolled in a very exciting, new product, specifically for kids! Coindexter is the new, interactive way for your child to excel in financial literacy. Especially targeted towards 5-12 year-olds, Coindexter teaches children how to earn, save, spend, manage and even invest money. is an online, virtual world full of exciting games that keep your child intrigued and wanting to come back. Most importantly, these games teach children how money works. As a member of the Coindexter Club, your child is able to explore a virtual world that is both fun and engaging. Becoming a Member is easy, and FREE. Simply visit, follow the simple login instructions and watch your child turn into a financial genius!

Coindexter users are also rewarded for their virtual achievements! Saving virtual money in the game results in various prizes, depending on your child’s achievement level. These prizes are redeemed at the Credit Union. This reward system helps reinforce positive savings behavior.

In addition to all these perks, your child is eligible to receive quarterly newsletters from Coindexter. The Lisbon Credit Union will be mailing sample newsletters and introductory letters to all qualifying Members. Please keep an eye out for your letter.

Financial literally is the key to financial responsibility! We hope you give Coindexter a try and enjoy the benefits it provides for your child or children.