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Don’t Forget to Redeem Your Coindexter Prizes!

Coindexter is all about teaching children healthy money habits. In addition to being a fun and educational program for kids, Coindexter Club members are eligible to win prizes! If you haven’t already created an account, you can do so at

Becoming a club member is absolutely free. Members can redeem prizes when the following goals are reached:
$100.00 in Savings = Coindexter Membership Guide
$250.00 in Savings = Coindexter Flexible Calculator
$500.00 in Savings = Coindexter T-Shirt

When a club member reaches a certain goal, he or she will be prompted to print a redemption coupon. Prizes can be redeemed at the Lisbon or Lewiston office. Coindexter members also receive quarterly newsletter, updating them about the latest news from Econopolis (the virtual world of Coindexter).