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Home Depot and Shaws Data Breach

We have received many inquiries regarding Members who are concerned with the recent data breaches at Home Depot and Shaws Supermarket.  Members are rightfully concerned that their debit and/or credit card may have been compromised.  Both of these security breaches are under investigation by federal authorities.  Your Credit Union has begun receiving lists of Member card numbers that have been impacted by these breaches.  It is important to note that Members will not be responsible for any losses caused by these breaches. 


Your Credit Union is taking the following steps in response to this issue:

(1) As we are notified of cards that have been breached, we are immediately notifying the impacted Member by regular mail that their debit and/or credit card has been breached.

(2) We are also at this time ordering new cards for each of these Members.  Members may continue to use their existing cards until they have received their replacement card.  However, cards that have experienced fraudulent activity are being closed immediately.

(3) Once Members have received their replacement card, the breached card will be closed and taken out of service.


Members who desire to have their breached card immediately closed may do so by calling our Member Services Representatives at 207-353-4144.

Otherwise, please monitor your account closely and contact our Member Services Representatives immediately if any suspicious activity is seen. 


Any and all losses caused by fraudulent activity on your account will be reimbursed upon proper notification.  The sooner you contact us to disclose a problem, the sooner we can reimburse you for the fraudulent activity.


We encourage you to monitor your accounts for any unauthorized activity through our online banking site or mobile banking application, as an added layer of protection. If you suspect unauthorized activity on your account, contact us immediately so we can block your card and investigate the activity. Also, remember that you have the right to place a security alert on your credit report at any time by contacting the major credit bureaus. For more information on ways to protect your credit report, or for a copy of your current credit report, contact one of the following:

Equifax: 800.525.6285 or

Experian: 800.397.3742 or

TransUnion: 800.680.7289 or