Bill Payer

No checks, stamps or running around! Pay virtually any bills from the convenience of your home or office PC. To take advantage of this FREE service you need to be enrolled in our Home Banking, have a checking account with us and access to the internet. Our Bill Payer program provides you with:

  • Direct access to a secure website from Home Banking 
  • The ability to pay virtually any bill that you may have including electric bills, telephone bills, medical bills, cable, credit cards, and property taxes 
  • The ability to schedule recurring payments such as auto loans and mortgage loans 
  • An online history of payments that you have made 
  • Complete control over the bill payment process

If you are already a Home Banking user, just log into your account and click on the Bill Payer tab to get started.

Click here to go to Home Banking.

To find out more about this convenient service, please contact one of our Member Service Representatives at (207) 353-4144 or toll free at (877) 353-4144.