Fee Schedule

As of April 1, 2017

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All Accounts
Statement Copy $2.00/statement
Account History $2.00/history
ACH Stop Payment Request $20.00
Returned Item Fee (NSF Fee) $25.00
Overdraft Fee (Debit Card Transactions) $25.00
Account Research $20.00/hour
Deposited Return Item Fee $10.00
Abandoned Account Fee $10.00/year
Foreign Exchange Fee $10.00
Teller Check Fee (One free check per day)
(Free for Members 65 and older)
Teller Check Copy Fee $3.00
Home Banking FREE
Shared Branching Transactions FREE
Savings (Share) Account Fees
Overdraft Protection (per transfer) (ACH, ATM and Share Drafts) $2.00
Account Closure Fee (within 180 days) $25.00
Checking Account Fees
Overdraft Protection (from shares) $2.00
Returned Item Fee (NSF Fee) $25.00
Stop Payment Order $20.00
Account Reconciliation $20.00/hour
Statement Copy Fee $2.00
Check Copy Fee $2.50
Check Orders
(Free for Ultimate Checking Members)
Prices vary
Bill Payer FREE
E-Statements FREE
Basic Checking Fees
If Account Balance >/= $300.00 FREE
If Account Balance < $300.00 $1.00/mo
On the Move Checking Fees
Service Charge $5.00/mo
Ultimate Checking Fees
If average daily balance >/= $2,500.00 FREE
If average daily balance < $2,500.00 $10.00/mo
Wire Fees
Incoming Wire FREE
Outgoing Wire Fee $20.00
International Wire Fee $40.00
Fax Fee (local) $1.00 per page
Fax Fee (long distance) $1.00 per page
Money Order Fee
(Free for Members 65 and older)
$1.00 each
Photocopy $.25/copy
Travelers' Cheque Fee $1.00/$100.00
Inquiry/Transaction Phone Fee FREE
Notary Service FREE
Signature Guarantee FREE
Gift Cards - 1st per month FREE (each subsequent request) $3.00
Legal Processing Fee (writs, summons, levies) $25.00
Loan Payoff Request - first 2 FREE (each subsequent request) $25.00
ATM/VISA Debit Card Fees
At LCFCU-owned ATM or SURF terminal
      Withdrawals FREE
      Inquiries and Denials $1.00
At Non-LCFCU owned ATM
      First 4 withdrawals FREE
      Additional withdrawals after 4 $1.00
Inquiries and denials $1.00
Card Issue Fee FREE
Replacement Card Fee $10.00
ATM Surcharge Fee $1.50
Point of Sale Transactions FREE
NSF Fee $25.00
Rush Fee - Card Only $43.00
Rush Fee - Card and PIN $61.00
VISA Credit Card Fees
Late Fee 5% of current balance
Sales Draft Copy Fee $1.00
Statement Copy Fee $1.00
Replacement Card Fee $5.00
Replacement Pin Fee $5.00
Rush Fee $27.50
Loan Payoff Request - first 2 FREE
Each subsequest request $25.00